Choosing And Installing Curtain Rods

Today curtain rods are mostly thought of to support a sheer curtain and sometimes to support fairly heavy

New black curtains shading for the sun.

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weight drapes complete with different window valance styles. They can be made of wood, or plastic or metal. It is an almost required accessory that you will choose in respect of the color of your curtains and of the style of the room.

People who live in modern homes should select preferably a metal curtain rod with decorative finials, people who prefer a warm or a rustic homey atmosphere will be very happy with solid natural looking wood. These slightly larger rods tend to add a touch of authenticity to a room and to always produce the effect you intended. Some have beautifully finished finials, lacquered or gilded. But when you are shopping for new curtain rods you should not forget the practical aspect of this item. Curtain rods with a traveling track are recommended first because they are more modern and also because they are easier to use.

Installing curtain rods is not a difficult project, and most handy people can do it. The first thing to do is to decide how high you will install it. Then using a level draw a line over the window frame it will serve to line up the supports. With an electric drill, make the holes for the screws and insert anchors suitable for the kind of wall you have. Attach the supports with the provided screws, there are usually three supports, specially if the rod is long. Insert the curtain rod into the supports centering it well to ensure the stability of the curtains. You may have to adjust the length of the rod to fit your window and also so that it looks good with your curtain panels. Today this is an easy step as many curtain rods are adjustable, however if it is not you may have to cut it with a saw.

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