Choices In Conservatory Blinds

One of the main reasons to have a uPVC Conservatory is to enjoy the almost unlimited amount of sunshine that is available though the large expanse of glass that surrounds you. It doesn’t take long though to realize that that may just be one of the problems of a conservatory also. In the summer months with that sun beating down it can become quite uncomfortably warm to the point that you may not enjoy it as much as you had hoped. And in the winter months you may be ready to stay inside due to cold and drafts. You could just up the amount of heating and cooling that you apply but that just runs up the utility bills.

The simple answer seems to be through the use of conservatory blinds which can provide shade and insulation in the summer and help to insulate against the cold in the winter. Most cloth type blinds will feature a treated or metallic back to help with the insulating. When you start to look for blinds you should not only consider the insulating properties but also the style and appeal, after all you want them to not only work but to fit in with the style of your room. Another consideration may also be the cost.

When you are thinking about what blinds to get you should also consider exterior blinds, if you can stop the sun from heating up the glass it will prevent the heat from radiating into the room from the hot glass. Some exterior blinds use a mesh type of material that prevents the majority of the heat from passing through while still permitting the light to enter the room.

There are almost unlimited choices when you start to look for blinds from reedy made blinds to custom built. They can be mixed and matched to get the look that you want, from simple cloth to wood blinds. Some choices might be:

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are made of fabric and are strung up on wire guides, having many folds or pleats. They are a very popular choice.

Roller Blinds

Another popular fabric blind which has the fabric on a roller which can be pulled up and down with a cord. These are popular with the DIY crowd as they are one of the simplest to install.

Roman Blinds

This is another folded fabric blind that is fitted to pole that folds, also a very popular blind.

One of the benefits of having a conservatory is being able to have a quite private area to enjoy whether reading a book or just trying to get some work done, and through the use of upvc double glazed windows and the proper conservatory blinds you will be able to enjoy this space all year round.

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