Basic Replacement Window Types and Their Uses

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Maybe you haven’t yet encountered all the different types of replacement windows that are commonly used in houses, buildings and other infrastructure. It’s time that you familiarize yourself with these different window types so that you will have a solid background on what to look for when you, at some point start to look for replacement windows for your home.

Basically, there are 7 known replacement window types that are more or less common today. They are the casement, awning, geometric, sliding, picture, single hung and double hung windows. These types have also specific uses and you will get to know them as you read on.

Casement windows are those attached to their frames by a single or more hinges on their side. The opening and closing maneuver of this type of windows is via a crank, a knob or a lever or sometimes folding handles. Usually the panes are installed in pairs within a solo frame. Current windows are made to open outwards. This is one safety measure in case of fire so that the egress will not be blocked during the emergency exit. Casement windows are one of the most loved windows because of its easy open and close movement.

Awning windows are single glass panes that also open outwards like the casement windows. However, unlike the casement windows, the hinges of the awning type are placed at the top of the frame which implies that the opening scheme is at the bottom of the frame. The advantage of the awning type is its capability to allow air inside but not rain or hard wind.

Geometric windows are those that are built in shapes like octagons, full circle, half circle, quarter circle or radius. The main purpose of this window type is to utilize the space available that cannot be used by full normal window shape such that light can still pass through. Generally, geometric windows are made to remain stationary but in cases where they need to be opened they can be because they are hinged.

Sliding windows are built with sliders and they are made to open leftward, rightward or both ways. This type of windows looks elegant and is less spacious. Rooms that have air conditioning units usually utilize this window type.

Picture windows are so called because their main purpose is to keep the design consistent and coherent with the house. Picture windows are stationary and they come in pair with flanking windows. They are commonly used in department stores, bays and other public buildings.

Single and double hung windows, also known as sash windows, open vertically and are divided into two sashes. The top sash in a single hung is kept stationary while that in the double hung is made to open and close. Double hung windows provide better control of air flow.

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