Bamboo blinds vs cellular shades

For people looking to decorate their homes with window coverings, there are many choices in the market that they can choose from. However, with so much diversity, novice home decorators might not know how to select the blinds that best fit their homes. In this article, we will select two of the currently popular window covering models, bamboo blinds and cellular shades, and briefly describe them before comparing their differences.

Bamboo blinds are a type of wooden blind. Due to the material, they are durable and has high resistant to weather condition. In addition, they also possess anti bacteria properties that make them easier to maintain. Cellular shades, on the other hand are usually made from fabrics and have very stylish design. They provide powerful insulation capabilities due to the way their cellular structure forms a layer of the air between the cells.

Main differences:

– Bamboo blinds are better for outdoors as they are able to withstand the abuse of the weather. Cellular shades are not suited as their fabric tend to twist and fold if they absorb too much moisture from the air.

– Bamboo blinds are much easier to clean partly because they are dirt resistant and partly due to their simple shape. Cellular shades are notorious for cleaning as they have many uneven surfaces that tend to trap dirt and makes it difficult to clean.

– In addition to uPVC Windows, cellular shades are good at reducing your energy consumption. Their strong insulation capability can help to regulate the temperature of the home and reduce your reliance on electric appliances. Bamboo blinds, unfortunately, are unable to provide the same level of insulation for your house windows.

Cellular shades have a more sophisticated design when compared to bamboo, which makes them more suitable for contemporary homes. However, for homes that want a more exotic or asian feel, bamboo blinds would be a better choice.

In summary, both types of window coverings have their strengths and weakness. Based on what you need, both can be a great choice for your home.

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