Are Custom Made Blinds Worth the Cost?

Custom blinds are a complete experience. What were once called “Venetian Blinds” in the 1920’s evolved into a necessity that provides so much more than a simple window covering and some privacy. Unlike off-the-shelf blinds, custom made blinds cost more to purchase, but they’re an excellent investment over time and produce a handsome energy payback.

The custom blind industry is enormous, and perhaps its greatest virtue is that it gives a homeowner total control of the fashion as well as the utilitarian functions of every inch of their window space. The choices of custom blinds is dizzying, including many types and permutations, like vertical blinds, wood, faux wood, and mini binds, Roller, Roman, Honeycomb, or Pleated shades, valances, every color, fabric, and texture, and every grade of transparency. In addition there are a host of high-tech devices and options to remotely operate those blinds.

Custom blinds offer an important array of positives that make them desirable as well as highly cost efficient:

1. Aesthetics

The aesthetics alone make custom blinds an essential part of fashion design. There are many square feet of window in every house with so many different choices for each room. The offerings are as limited or limitless as one’s imagination. They can be subtle and invisible, colorful and extraordinary, or treatments that simply add warmth or accessorize matching woodwork.

2. Control

Total control of an aspect of interior design is incredibly rewarding. You get to choose the materials and components for creating your blinds. Hand picking every feature, tone, size, and material combination allows you to form your own style. A room can have lovely tinted light with the right selection of transparency and color in the blinds.

3. Quality

Custom made blinds are of the highest quality. Every custom blind manufacturer competes in an industry where dependability and durability are essential. Their products are made to last, from fabrics to materials, to hardware. Moreover, they are made for a perfect fit because professional blind installers for a supplier will precisely measure each window. The warranties by the manufacturers are outstanding.

4. Energy Efficient

Perhaps most important, custom blinds produce greater energy efficiency. Most are designed to reduce heat gain and loss through window glass, one of the few things that can be done to increase insulation factors. Windows can account for as much as 25% of an energy bill. For sun blockage in bright rooms, special opaque and cellular blinds will lower air conditioning demands on hotter days. Both heating and cooling are enhanced and will help minimize a home’s energy bills. Over time those savings pay for the cost of the blinds and quite a lot of energy.

5. Low Maintenance

Low maintenance is another major plus for custom blinds; they’re made to last and hard to damage. Unlike drapes and curtains that capture dirt, odors, and pollutants, requiring expensive dry cleaning, blinds are easy to clean and dust. Regular vacuuming and an occasional wash keep them looking pristine.

6. Remotes

There are many extremely clever remote control devices that open, close, raise, and lower custom made blinds. This is particularly useful for windows that are out of reach, like skylights, which can heat up a room in summer and cool the air in winter, constantly fighting an HVAC system. There is also a list of timing devices that can automatically open or close electric blinds over the course of a day for maximum heating and cooling efficiency.

An astonishing amount of green technology is involved in custom blinds that saves energy resources, which is translated into comfort and money for the purchasers. They’re well worth the price in terms of beauty, efficiency, and quality of materials.

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