An Eyeful For Eyelet Curtains

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Eyelet curtains are much more functional when compared to the extravagant and thick draperies that are available in stores. Eyelet curtains are fast becoming an increasingly more popular and used for more modern window treatments these days. There are many benefits to using them; they are easy to put up and take down to clean, they look great, and many are fairly inexpensive. They are perfect for full length windows, yet they also look good on smaller upvc windows.

Eyelet curtains are very convenient to use. It doesn’t take a lot of your time since they are very easy to hang up. With a bar or a curtain rod, the curtains would easily hang up on the bar through the eyelets. Commonly, there are two long rectangular panels but you can add more panels if you need window treatments for sliding glass doors.

Aside from their versatility and functionality, lined eyelet curtains are curtains that are surprisingly stylish and go well with other furniture of the house. Yet, curtains ready made provide the same look but take up a lot less of your time.

To set a mood of relaxation or to maintain an informal atmosphere in your dining room, you should think about getting full length window treatments which makes it relatively easy to set the mood. When the full length window treatments are open, they can be tied back with a classy beaded tieback or a colored rope. They really add a sense of style and grace to a room.

With the use of the jacquard or damask type of curtains, a look of sophistication and elegance is greatly achieved, especially if they are hung in bay windows. Jacquard and Damask curtains are medium weight, and are available in different range of colors and patterns available. These curtains works best with deep headings especially with exquisite pleats and minimal folds, and they also look good with several window valance styles.

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