Add Color To Your Windows With Sticky Back Plastic

Sticky back plastic or static cling window film can be applied to windows for several different reasons. Many people like to use sticky back for windows and doors to provide additional privacy, as providing the plastic is opaque enough it will prevent people from readily seeing in through your upvc windows. Others like to use it simply to add some color and decorative value to their windows.

It is possible to buy a sticky back plastic roll or to buy the film in sheets. In many ways it is much easier to use it when you buy it in sheets especially if the size of the sheets closely matches the size of the window panes you are covering. However, if you have irregular sized windowpanes or if you are simply trying to cover small expanses of windowpane you may find that it is easier and cheaper to buy a roll of window film and to cut the desired size film from the rolls.

If you merely want to use it for decorative purposes there are a lot of different ideas to choose from. Some people like to add colored cutouts to their windows. You can cut out whatever shape you like from the colored sticky back plastic and add it in patterns to your windows. You can also simply put it around the edges of the windowpane, or even just add it to the bottom of your window while leaving the top part of the window free.

Another great use for this type of window film is to add strips to glass doors, such as upvc patio doors, at eye level. This gives an instant visual warning that there is a glass door ahead and prevents people from rushing through the door without opening it first.

If you are only applying small amounts of sticky back film to windows it is possible to complete the task by yourself. However, if you are planning on covering an entire window or if you are working with large pieces of film you will probably find it necessary to enlist the help of someone else. Whether you use privacy window film or a more transparent type of film, it is all applied in the same basic manner.

While sticky back plastic can be very functional in that it can provide additional privacy, or even prevent bright sunlight from entering into the room and fading fabric or furniture, many people like to use it purely for decorative purposes. You can find many different patterns of film and it is also available in a wide variety of different colors.

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