A uPVC Door – A Few Advantages

One of the newest building trends to day is the use of upvc as a building material, not only is it used for upvc windows but now it is available as an exterior door. upvc doors are built to look very stylish and are long lasting which is probably why they are chosen more and more often by home builders and those doing replacement of home doors. You may be wondering how upvc has become so popular in new construction especially when most people still prefer the looks of a massive wooded entry door. Well let’s take a look at how a upvc door compares to a traditional wood door and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Probably one of the biggest advantages of a upvc door is the energy efficiency; they provide a greater insulating ability than a wooden door. They are built with chambers inside which contain insulating material to keep the cold out and the heat in. On the other hand traditional wooden doors are usually built from solid wood which provides less insulating ability and are less energy efficient. When it comes to your utility bills you will notice a savings in your heating bill, as well as the warmth of your house, from using upvc.

As it turns out upvc is a more hardy substance than wood no matter what the weather throws at it. it is naturally water proof so that it does not soak up water and warp or rot as wood does and it maintains its insulating properties even when wet. Because of this a upvc door will have a longer life expectancy than a wood door so that it does not have to be replaced as often.

Another area in which upvc doors have an advantage over wooden doors is in the area of cost. Because the individual parts are built in molds and then welded together they can be built to any style at a cheaper cost and with less waste and less need of manual labor which drives up the cost of the wooden doors. For all practical purposes what this means is that you can have a door which is stylish and sturdy and that looks like a solid wooden door at a considerable savings in cost.

Some people consider a solid wooden door to be a more personalized symbol of luxury and do not mind the added cost to purchase and maintain this symbol. For others however the upvc door is just a more practical answer. It is probably in your own best interest, no matter what your personal preferences are, to at least consider upvc doors and upvc windows when it comes time to add either to your home.

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