A uPVC Back Door

When it comes time to replace your worn out back door you have to decide what to replace it with. Like with most people the back door is not high on the list of things that need replacing, not that it isn’t in bad need of replacing, but its the back door and it isn’t seen as much as the rest of the house. So you have been just putting up with it being hard to open and sticking and with the drafts because it doesn’t fit the frame any more.

But when you go to fix up the back yard this year so that you can use it more often you realize that that old back door is going to have to be replaced or it’s going to really put a damper on the yard fix up. Who wants to spend time in the yard when you have to go in and out that hard to open door?

Ok now that you have decided to replace that door the first thing to decide is what are you going to replace it with? The two most common choices are either wood or upvc. If you haven’t looked at doors for a while your first reaction will probably be to ask what upvc is. upvc is a plastic like material made from unplasticized poly vinyl chloride or upvc. It is a very durable material that is pretty much weather proof, so it will not absorb water like untreated wood will, and it is long lasting and harder to wear out. It is used for a lot of things in construction today such as upvc windows, a upvc door, and even screen doors.

You can get a upvc back door in just about any color or style that you want, since it doesn’t need repainting be sure and get the color that you will be happy with for a long while. Since it’s the back door most people will get a plain looking door but you can get them with windows that can be opened for a little breeze.

If you are the home handy man you may decide that you can install this door your self, and there is no reason that you can’t, it’s not a hard job. If you do chose to do the installation your self buy a door that is pre hung that way you get a frame that is already square with the doors mounted inside all you have to do is get the whole thing level and centered in the opening and then fastened down and all that’s left is the trim.

So if you are going to be replacing your door this year maybe you should consider a upvc back door for a long lasting energy efficient door.

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