3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Forget About Curtain Tie Backs

single curtain tie back

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You’ve got your curtain panels, picked out your pelmet, sorted out your blinds, but when it comes to window treatments relatively few of us give much thought to curtain tie backs. They deserve a little more consideration though and here are just a few reasons why you should get yourself some tie backs for your curtains.

Who doesn’t enjoy plenty of natural light pouring into their home? Light and airy rooms feel wonderfully fresh and curtain tie backs allow you to pull and hold back those curtains fully to let in as much light as possible, particularly handy in dingy rooms with small windows.

Not only do tie backs keep your curtains pulled back neatly and attractively, they can also help to support some of the weight of your curtains. If you’ve got thick, heavy curtains this can be a great practical use, taking some of the strain from your curtain rods.

Add some style
So they’ve got their practical uses, but let’s not forget that curtain tie backs can add a touch of style to your window treatments and room as a whole. There are a whole host of curtain tie back ideas to choose from, whether beaded, tasseled, jeweled or home-made from leather belts you can find some that will complement your chosen decor perfectly. Choose tie backs to match a room’s accent colour to really pull the whole colour scheme together.

It’s those little touches that can really help to bring a room together and whether you want your curtain tie backs to be ornate, contemporary or quirky they are a brilliant way to simply and quickly embellish otherwise plain window treatments.

Simple to fit
Curtain tie backs are so quick and easy to fit,it’s DIY at its simplest. Most tie backs just need two hooks to be screwed into the walls either side of your window, so measure up to get your placement right and you’re good to go.

In fact, some tie backs are simply strips of fabric with a looped end that you can wrap around your curtains and secure by pulling one end of the strip through the loop to keep it in place. You can use this method with ribbon, belts or whatever other material you choose. What a simple and inexpensive way to overhaul and liven up your modern window treatments.

Stylish, easy on the pocket, quick to fit and practical, there really isn’t a good reason not to include curtain tie backs along with those other finishing touches like valances for windows when it’s time to freshen up the look of your room.

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