A Few Modern Window Treatment Ideas

Do it yourself curtains, shades and valances provide splendor and design to your home for a small percentage of a retail chains price. DIY tasks can also be enjoyable. Once they are completed, you can spend some of the funds you saved by treating yourself to a special gift.

When you are seeking modern window treatment ideas, you don’t always have a substantial amount of money to spend on supplies. You don’t have to invest lots of cash to spice up your windows. Few tools are required for window treatment projects and they are so common you will find them at very reasonable prices.

Bamboo Shades

Bamboo is a resilient and long lasting material. It is also eco-friendly which is why it can be utilized at low costs for window blinds and other home dcor. Based on the dimensions required for your window treatment venture, you can install them as a window treatment option for under fifty dollars.

These shades have to be installed on the top, interior part of the window. Bamboo blinds come with cuts in them where you can place the fasteners and also for adjustment purposes and look appropriate in bathrooms and living room areas. The only downfall to these is that they function with cords and might not be suitable for homes with small children.

Silk Curtains

Silk curtains can be a lovely addition to your home as long as you choose the right type of material. Thin, gentle silks are not appropriate as draperies. A silk with thicker embroidery works much more effectively for longer durability and coverage from the sun.

Factoring in the location you choose to buy them from, the total cost starts at around seventy five to one hundred dollars. This type of material can make a room look modern since it does not have pleats. A major downfall though is that they tend to get a bit expensive, especially if you want high quality product.


Draperies seem old school to most people but there are ways to put a new spin on them. Curtains are great for creating space in a room and fooling people into thinking your window is larger than its actual size. This is possible when you purchase extendable rods and place the ends far outside the window edges.

The price of draperies starts at as little as seven dollars and goes up. It all depends on which material you are looking for. These are only a good choice if you have the patience for tying them out of the way whenever you need light in a room.


Shutters are the perfect alternative to blinds as they do not need to be cleaned as frequently. They can be adjusted to provide different levels of lighting and ventilation into a room which makes them great for kitchen areas. This window treatment option is also long lasting and offers up a clean, simple appearance.

There are a few downfalls to shutters however, including the price. Since they are so durable, it can cost thousands of dollars to have them placed on every window in a home. Many shutters can become awkward as they are made to swing in and out, causing complications with other dcor items.


Valances are one of the most simple window treatment options which you can successfully complete in a short amount of time. Normally placed above a curtain rod, they are used as an addition to other treatments as enhanced dcor. They are more appropriate for dining rooms and kitchen areas.

Valances are a cheap option for changing your design, almost always costing fewer than fifty dollars per window for total costs. The only downfall to these is the lack of privacy, which is why they are not a good option for bedrooms. Valances also tend to let too much light into a room, so they do not offer much protection during hot summer days.


Cornices are boxes with fancy accessories, almost always used to hide ugly or cheap fixtures. This window treatment option can look amazing in a room with curtains since you can decorate them with material to match. Cornices are another cheap option, ranging from twenty to thirty dollars each, depending on whether you decorate them yourself.

Many people find cornices to look outdated and struggle with keeping them clean. In accordance, even if the price is low people find them to be a waste of money because of their pitfalls. More companies have recently started creating cornices with modern appeal and that also provide the ability to block unwanted lighting into a room.

Window Seats

Window seats are one of the most expensive window treatment options as they need to be carefully planned out with precise measuring. It is very difficult to master installing them without a few professional hands around. Also, the more options you add to them such as storage, fabric and molding, the quicker the costs rise.

For most people, window seats are placed in only one area of the home. They look stunning against areas with breathtaking views of the ocean, a city skyline or wildlife scenery. Readers also tend to appreciate window seats as an option for a small, quiet space to escape their busy day.

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