A Beautiful Shower Base for Your Bathroom Shower Cubicle

When laying out your bathroom remodeling design you may find that the use of small bathtubs just doesn’t work out,whether it is a space problem or it just doesn’t fit your style, then you may want to look into installing a new shower cubicle.

The first concern when installing a new shower is always the plumbing. The most important step is the elevation of the drain itself. If it is too high there will be puddling around the drain which is not good. Cutting the drain pipe slightly shorter than needed is the best way to begin. The drain glues or threads together with the drain pipe giving you three inches of insert to work with. Push down firmly and there is a water tight seal, and no more need to worry.

Adding the shower base is next. The area where you install your shower will determine the type of base you want of course. A corner, single shower might be the way to go. There are a number of acrylic bases to fit the design desired. It can be angled to only the corner or it can be as large as 36″ by 60″. It doesn’t matter what dimensions are in the plans you will find the perfect base for the project.

A three sided box look might fit the family project best. If splashing is going to happen this might be the best bet. At a height of 15-18 inches this seamless design may be just the ticket. If a flatter style is what is wanted there are many of those on the market too. The threshold step up may be a concern. Most styles have a short step to lessen the possibility of tripping while entering that well deserved hot relaxing shower.

It used to be that only neutral colors were to be found. This is no longer the case. Acrylic, granite colored bases are available. And believe it or not bright, fresh, pastel colors are made for those who love to add something not quite mainstream to their bathrooms.

When the new bathroom is complete the pride and satisfaction will emanate throughout the entire home. The work will go together more easily once the right tools and parts are collected.

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