5 Reasons Why Modern Replacement Windows Are A Good Investment

It’s not like life is getting any cheaper. Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve lived in the same home for years chances are you’re poignantly aware of the rising costs of simply running your home. Utilities cost more, renovations cost more, you’re losing equity in the current housing market. When it comes down to it anything that will restore equity is appealing, perhaps you wonder why replacement windows will affect the value of your house. Here’s a short list of reasons why replacement windows are such wise investments. You’ll see not only are these reasons good for the value of your home, they’re all nice little benefits on their own.

  • The Privacy: If you’ve been living in your house for a while you may have grown accustomed to the sounds of the surrounding neighborhood, but one of the most surprising results that people discover when they have new replacement windows installed is the sheer quiet. Old windows are thin, they’re made with much more permeable glass and this not only transfers temperature it transfers noise. New windows with multiple panes shut out an immense amount of noise, making your home that much more comfortable!
  • Easy Cleaning, More Light: Not only do new windows have simple and manageable cleaning features, such as easy to remove sashes, but they look cleaner as well. Old windows can be cloudy, water stained and actually visibly decrease the amount of light allowed in. Because you can perform proper maintenance on these windows more easily they’ll last much longer.
  • Less Heat Loss: Windows with double panes, or even triple panes have been innovatively designed over time so that they can cut the amount of heat loss drastically. Having new windows that retain the heat inside and keep the cool outside allows your furnace and AC to work much less. Less work means less energy required to keep your home at the levels you desire, which means you will see a cut in costs right from the get go!
  • Safety: Old windows stick. In the hot and cold they expand and contract so they don’t fit as well in the frame. Many are painted shut, or simply refuse to open. Even if you have taken great pains to maintain your windows over the years, making sure they don’t get painted closed or stuck, new windows will be safer for your family. New windows are made for easy opening from the inside and are much more reliable. At the same time, break-ins are prevented due to these windows being much harder to penetrate.
  • Tax Breaks: This is one you probably didn’t know, but if you install new modern replacement windows that meet the requirements of the government you can enjoy some great discounts come tax season. This is part of the effort to increase efficient energy use, so you’re not only being rewarded for making the effort, you still get to enjoy the benefits of new windows.

From the curb appeal to the effect it will have on your bills and the fact that you can recoup almost all cost for the investment within a year there’s really very little reason not to have new replacement windows installed today.

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