4 Factors to Keep in Mind When Considering Plantation Shutters

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You’ve finally finished the process of building a new home, or you’ve purchased an existing home. Congratulations on being a homeowner! Now it’s time to pick out furniture, appliances, decor, and window treatments. Or, you’ve been living in your home for several years and you feel it’s time for an update. You’ve purchased new rugs to update your flooring, you’ve switched out your throw pillows, and you changed the color of your paint. But there’s still something else missing, some level of class you’re just not getting right now. Either one of these scenarios might lead you to considering plantation shutters for your home. You love the classy look and feel that plantation shutters instantly bring to a home. You love their ease of usage and maintenance, you love that they are high quality and durable, and you love that they are pet and kid friendly. When you are considering purchasing plantation shutters for your home, there are several things you will want to take into consideration. Before making the investment in these window coverings, make sure you consider all factors. Plantation shutters are a classy addition to any home. You just want to make sure you are making all of the right choices when it comes to deciding if they are for you, and what choices you will make from there. Here are 4 factors to keep in mind when considering plantation shutters for your home:

1. Cost

Whenever you are talking about custom window treatments, the issue of expense is bound to come up. What is it going to cost? Will these window treatments fit in my budget? And is that investment worth it to me? Plantation shutters are definitely an investment. Perhaps you’ve been scared away by the price. The good thing to know is that plantation shutters can really eliminate much of your need for other window treatments. Blinds and drapes may be cheaper, but not if you need both of them. The classic design of plantation shutters gives your home a natural feel that will stay in style for many years. It’s true that plantation shutters are more expensive than most other window treatment options. But for many people, they are the only window treatment option they will even consider, because of the style, beauty, class, and grandeur that they can help to bring to a home. You don’t want to build a million dollar home, and then outfit the windows with cheap aluminum blinds. So if you are building or buying a luxury home, the cost of plantation shutters will most likely be worth it to you because of how well they will match the class of the rest of your home. But plantation shutters aren’t just for large or expensive homes. Many homeowners of basic, everyday homes also choose to invest in plantation shutters because of the added class and feel of quality that they can bring to even the most basic home. Also keep in mind that if you are buying a new home, you might even be able to wrap the cost of new shutters into your loan, since the shutters will likely remain with the house.

2. Choices
Once you have decided to go with plantation shutters for your home, you definitely haven’t reached the end of your decision making process with your window treatments. You probably have an idea in your mind about what all plantation shutters should look like. But there are actually a lot of options where these are concerned. First, you can choose the width of the louvers, which are the moveable slats. Then, you decide whether you want the panel to span the full width of the window, or have two shutters that each goes half-way. You might set a divider rail in the middle to divide the shutters, or go for a cafe-height style. Decide how you want to open the shutters, since the sky’s the limit there, as well. You have several choices for colors and hardware, and can even install shutters to span several windows with only one frame.

3. Installation

Plantation shutters are quite an investment. So you want to make sure that they are installed in your home properly. Unless you are a professional or have quite a bit of experience installing window treatments, you will want to hire a professional to install your shutters for you. Many companies that sell window treatments will have installers that you can hire, or at least be able to recommend some reputable installation companies. If they don’t have any recommendations for you, ask your friends and family if they have anyone that they would recommend. Either way, make sure you do your research on any installation company you are considering, and check their references from past customers. You want to make sure your shutters are installed properly, so it is worth the time to find someone that you know will do the job right.

4. Maintenance

Once you’ve got your shutters installed, you will find that they are quite easy to maintain. Dust them with a soft cloth or feather duster. Touch up paint scratches with a foam paintbrush. You can easily adjust the tension screws on either side of the panel, to make the louvers tighter or looser. That’s pretty much it. Because there are no cords, you don’t have to worry about the slats breaking or wearing down the cables or ladders. And no cord means that kids and pets are not at risk for strangling, as they are with most other window treatments.


It seems a little daunting at first, to imagine spending thousands of dollars just for window treatments for your home. But isn’t your home worth the investment? Plantation shutters will save you money and the hassle of maintaining and fixing blinds, drapes and other window treatments. The safety features are a nice bonus on top of the many great benefits. If you want the best for your windows and your home, you can’t go wrong with plantation shutters. In our opinion, Sola Shade offers some of the best plantation shutters that we could find.

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